Torin the Barkeep

Torin is a man of big city streets and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. He is suspicious and keen to deception. He prefers straight talk and profane language to flattery or flowery words.
Torin is an older scarred man who has kept home in the Keep for decades. He’s seen adventurers come and go but is quick to find a way to profit from their excursions. He’s often willing to share a rumor or two that he’s picked up. For a bit of coin, the rumors might even be true. For a list of potential rumors, consult the following list:

  1. A powerful magic user resides in the caves and will kill all who dare to enter.
  2. There is an ogre mercenary who works for different cave dwellers.
  3. All of the cave entrances are powerfully trapped and the traps are nearly impossible to detect (false).
  4. “Bree-Yark” is goblin for “We surrender!” (false)
  5. There are big dog men that live in the higher caves.
  6. The bugbears in the upper caves are afraid of dwarves!
  7. There is an old cavern that even the other beasts will not enter. They are fools, for the creature in there is long dead and its treasure remains untouched! (false)
  8. Huge bugbears reside in the upper caves.
  9. The minotaur caves are full of lies.
  10. Another band of adventurers tried to take on the bugbears and were never heard from again!

Quest: The golden dagger

Back when I was an adventurer, I used to own a dagger made of solid gold. A dwarven weapon, I expect. The most ornate dagger you’ve ever seen. Stole it from a dragon hoard back in my younger days. A trophy from what I consider my finest adventure. Of course, I always planned to pass it down to my son once he’s old enough to wield it. Well to make a long story short, one night I was out there in the wilderness with some other adventurers. It started getting dark so we set up camp. About the time we started to fall asleep, some Orcs ambushed us. We managed to get away, but damn if they didn’t pillage everything of value we had lying around. Anyway, i thought you might be heading into that Orc den down there in the valley. If you happen to come across my dagger, would you mind bringing it back to me? I don’t have a lot to offer in return, but my patrons fill me in on a lot of valuable rumors and information. I think that’s worth something, right?

Torin the Barkeep

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