Orc Leader's Room 2

Area 16

Light: None
Noise (DC 13): Harsh breathing just on the other
side of the door

Antechamber (g):
Barrels, boxes, and sacks are stacked in this chamber. A
hall leads to the east.

The connected room to the east:
Furnished nicely for an orc lair, this room contains a
small chest of drawers. A copper bowl filled with garbage
sits on a small table near a bed.

Monsters: An orog stands watch just inside the
door. She shouts an alarm if intruders try to enter,
then attempts to hold the passage, making a fighting
retreat to join her comrade and leader in area 16.

Another female orog is with the leader in area 16.
The leader wears damaged banded armor (still AC
16) and uses a +1 handaxe (range 30/120; +4 to hit;
1d6 + 4 slashing damage) for ranged attacks.


Treasure: The orc leader’s armor is worth 250 gp
(or costs 250 gp to repair to AC 17). He wears a
silver belt with a gold buckle (30 gp) and carries 13
gp. Each orog wears an ivory bracelet etched with
gold (25 gp apiece) and has 5 gp. The copper bowl
has silver inlay (3 gp).

The Orc Leader also carries the gold dagger quest item.

The sacks and boxes in the antechamber contain
food, supplies, and alcoholic drinks.

Orc Leader's Room 2

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