Goblin Lair


Light: Dim (daylight from cave mouth) or none

The area past the cave mouth features roughly worked
stone tunnels that snake off into the darkness.

Monsters: Four goblins lie in wait outside the entrance with dart guns. DC15 Wisdom Check to notice. The darts contain a powerful poison that knocks you out. Every turn roll a D20 to resist. >10 you can attack. Starting with round 2, PCs gain disadvantage on resist and attack rolls.


Development: When encountered, the goblins
cry out, “Bree-Yark!” and attack. Two goblins from
area 17 come immediately, and two goblins from
area 18 leave their area at the start of the second
round. The remaining guards in area 18 coordinate
to open the secret door to area 22, toss a sack of
250 sp to the ogre (see area 22), and ask for his
help. If they succeed, the ogre and those goblins
leave area 18 at the start of the fourth round.

Treasure: Each goblin carries 1d10 arrows, 1d6
sp, 1d10 cp, and 1d6 bags of edible food.

17. Guard Chamber
18. Guard Chamber 2
19. Goblin Quarters
20. Goblin Chieftain’s Room
21. Goblin Storage Chamber

Goblin Lair

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