Keep on the Borderlands

Session 2: The Orcish Infiltration

Several days had passed since the unsuccessful Orcish attack on the Keep. The town guards were on alert, taking steps to reinforce the weaker walls of the city. Captain Stark sent out a scouting party to monitor Orc activity and try to gauge their numbers. What they discovered surprised him. It seemed that two of the orcish factions, the Black Tongue Tribe and the Wolfclaw Tribe, have been communicating with eachother, possibly forming an alliance against the humans of the Keep.

A plan is devised to infiltrate the enemy ranks by disguising Lance as an Orcish messenger. After intercepting the real messenger, the adventurers find a note revealing the two tribe leaders’ plans of taking out the Human leader, presumably referring to Captain Stark. They decide to take on the identity of the messenger and deliver the letter to Chief Kane in person. The two make their way into the Black Tongue lair. The guards are surgically silenced by Dre, while Lance, disguised as an orc messenger, makes his way deeper into the lair. Dre kills at least 10 of the Orcish warriors, cutting their tongues out as trophies to give to Captain Stark. Lance successfully delivers the letter, arousing no suspicion. The two split ways for a time as Dre escapes from the caves through an underground cave the orcs had used as a toilet.

As a final nail in the Orcish Alliance’s coffin, the two adventurers create a forged response to Chief Orgoth’s letter, which said something to the effect of “Your tribe is weak. You are slowing us down. We don’t need your alliance.” nailed to a pike with the Orcish messenger’s head atop it.

Upon hearing what a success the mission had been, Stark pays the adventurers for the tongues they collected, and offers them positions as Guard Captains, which pays a salary of 20 gold per week, access to to the barracks, and armory.

Current Quests:



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