Keep on the Borderlands

Session 2: Revenge on The Orcs

Several days have passed since you last left the Keep. It’s been fairly quiet since the Orc attack from a few days ago. Sheriff Stark and his guardsmen have just finished reinforcing the wall that the Orcs assaulted. The people have pretty much gone back to business as usual. You’ve spend this time settling into your new home and getting to know the other citizens a little better.

Current Quests:

Quest: Find the missing husband

Adrin has aided a merchant woman whose husband went missing two weeks ago when traveling between the Keep and a nearby city. Unable to fund a rescue mission herself, she sought Adrin’s aid. Adrin seeks out adventurers who might be willing to look for the man. It is said he was captured by goblins (and secretly ransomed to the hobgoblins who have kept him alive).

Quest: Recovering fine weapons

Wilhelm wants you to keep an eye out for weapons and armor he forged. You’ll know them by the Vulcan insignia inscribed on them.

New Quests:

Quest: Orc Tongues

I’ve sent out scouts to those Orc caves to try and gauge their numbers. Turns out, they may be an even bigger threat than I anticipated. There’s two different Orc tribes communicating with eachother.. Sending messengers back and forth between their caves. We haven’t been able to get close enough to intercept one of their messages, but they’re likely coordinating their next attack.

The local orc tribes grow stronger and more wild every day. Stark hopes to hire mercenaries, adventurers, or hunters to thin their numbers. Stark will pay adventurers for each set of ten left orc ears. Reward: 30 GP

Quest: The golden dagger

Back when I was an adventurer, I used to own a dagger made of solid gold. A dwarven weapon, I expect. The most ornate dagger you’ve ever seen. Stole it from a dragon hoard back in my younger days. A trophy from what I consider my finest adventure. Of course, I always planned to pass it down to my son once he’s old enough to wield it. Well to make a long story short, one night I was out there in the wilderness with some other adventurers. It started getting dark so we set up camp. About the time we started to fall asleep, some Orcs ambushed us. We managed to get away, but damn if they didn’t pillage everything of value we had lying around. Anyway, i thought you might be heading into that Orc den down there in the valley. If you happen to come across my dagger, would you mind bringing it back to me? I don’t have a lot to offer in return, but my patrons fill me in on a lot of valuable rumors and information. I think that’s worth something, right?



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