The Keep



The keep itself is a small walled town on the edges of
civilization. Through a variety of circumstances, the citizens of
the keep find themselves somewhat trapped in the city
surrounded by a wilderness full of monsters and villainy.
Being out on the edge of civilization like this can have its
advantages. Many caves and ruins lead to lost treasures and
artifacts beyond price. Many of those who found themselves
at the keep had hoped to capitalize on this though most
simply found death or isolation. A few, such as Torin the
barkeep and Reeves the provisioner have found a way to
profit from the continual stream of adventurers who travel off
to seek their fortune.

Why do people come here?

PCs and NPCs alike might have a variety of motivations for
coming to and staying at the keep. Here are a few:

  • The chance to make it rich mining mithril in the deep
    caves of the valley.
  • They’re avoiding civilization for any of a number of
    reasons including crimes, corruption, or clingy families.
  • The borderlands offers great potential business
    opportunities to capitalize on supply and demand.
  • They were ordered here by a noble lord to become a
    bastian of mining and trade.
  • The desire to set up powerful trade-routes.
  • Any of these reasons can help fill out the NPCs below or
    any random NPCs your party might encounter.

Here’s a list of the keeps primary locations. Flavor them to suit:

  • The walled keep itself including watchtowers and battlements
  • The guard quarters
  • The inn
  • The Green Gem tavern
  • The Castilian’s villa
  • The general goods store
  • The temple to Pelor
  • The stables
  • The blacksmith

Stark the Sheriff
Torin the Barkeep
Adrin the Priest of Pelor
Wilhelm the Blacksmith

The Keep

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